Chickilia 치키리아

Chickilia is a unique korean chicken for food lovers

About us

WELCOME TO Chickilia(City) Korean Restaurant

As you may know, Korean flavors are known all over the world with a variety of unique, healthy and delicious cuisines.

We offer a variety of fried chicken and Korean dishes at our restaurant near Victoria market in Melbourne.

Our restaurants invigorate the senses through our great service and our foods that simply taste delicious. We seek to create a vibrant atmosphere where our customers can feel the passion and energy we have for the food and service we provide.

Our restaurant is the best chicken in Melbourne, you can choose Soy garlic, Hot soy garlic, Sweet chili, Hot sweet chili, Honey mustard.


You can either order through us directly or order from one of the delivery services below!

We provide a 5% discount for orders over $25 if you order through our website and pick-up from our shop

Menu & ORDER

We take our time cooking so we can ensure that we deliver our best quality chicken to you. Please take this into consideration as our delivery time may be longer than expected.

11. August, 2020.
wow. really delicious.
The Successful Mindset Podcast Amila Kaye
The Successful Mindset Podcast Amila Kaye
1. August, 2020.
Delicious food and amazing staff
Barry G
Barry G
30. July, 2020.
Great food.
Fernando Vargas
Fernando Vargas
18. June, 2020.
Tasty tasty tasty!!!! Staff pretty friendly 🙂
jing han
jing han
8. June, 2020.
really good taste!


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